Privacy Policy

I think the internet is an amazing thing. I’m still astounded as to how I can reach so many moms with just a website. Technology is just fascinating.

However, there is a downside. The downside of which can compromise your privacy. And these days, that can be very damaging. This is precisely the reason why I have a privacy policy here.

What I’m Learning About The Internet

Now that I’m learning about the internet (through my website), I have found that it’s pretty easy to pick up some personal information. For example, I can see your IP address once you access my website. Your IP address is the number of the computer you are using. From that simple personal information, I can tell what internet network you’re using. I can also tell where you are located. So those are pretty strong information about you.

If you are not comfortable with that, I suggest you turn off the cookies in the settings of your browser. The cookies will stop picking up your IP address when you access my website.

What My Website Picks Up

I honestly do not want to gather anything personal about you. I want you to enjoy my website, without worrying about your privacy. But once you use my contact form, I’m able to get your email address. Your email address is another vital bit of personal information I’m able to get hold of.

Knowing how valuable your email address is, I will definitely secure it here. There’s just no way I’m sharing it with any service providers or companies online and offline.

The internet is a wonderful thing but we need to be really careful. My policy on privacy shows how careful I am with your personal information.

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