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The Long Road To Finding The Perfect Babysitter

how-to-find-sitter-sittercityWhat’s a perfect sitter? Is there really such a thing? You want to think there is. But the reality of things is this. Finding one that suits your needs is the closest. From there, you easily conclude that she’s the perfect one. But is she really the perfect one?

It’s Hard To Tell

It’s really hard to tell. You need to do your homework in finding the perfect babysitter. While that sounds kind of complicated, it’s not.

Nowadays, there ways to really get to know the babysitter you’re hiring. The online sitter services can really help you in your search. For example, Sittercity can run a background on the babysitters. This service is a good start in finding that perfect babysitter.

What She Should Know

So she seems perfect. Her background check is good. She seems to fit the bill perfectly. But you shouldn’t just end there. According to this article, your babysitter should know these basic things.

If you have a newborn, your babysitter should know the following. First things first, she should be able to administer infant CPR. This is one basic skill that your babysitter should know. She should be certified to administer it. The same goes for First Aid and AR. You should ask for their certification and check the validity. Certified First Aiders carry a plastic card that’s issued by the Red Cross. To be sure, you can also verify it thru a background check.

Second of all, she should know how to bottle-feed your newly born. Also, she should know how to carry your baby for burping. Third, she should know how to change diapers. You wouldn’t want your baby wet. You’d want her to be comfortable. Fourth, she should know how to properly put your baby to sleep. These are basic skills. Your babysitter should know all these.

For a child that’s between six to twelve months, here are the basic skills. Again, she should be certified to administer First Aid, CPR, and AR. If she’s certified to administer First Aid, she’ll know how to deal with choking. This is very important for this particular age group. They’re the ones that tend to put things in their mouth.

For a child that’s over a year old, here are the basic skills. Again, she should be certified to administer First Aid, CPR, and AR. Second, she should know how to entertain your little one. She should have a plan. And you should ask it from her.

Third, she should be able to know how to handle tantrums. You want to be sure she’s patient enough to handle tantrums. There’s just no way you’re hiring someone who will yell at your child.

These are just the few basic things your babysitter should know. You should look out for these skills. Make sure you take everything up during the interview. Even better, you can even include these skills in your job post. That way, you’ve already set your expectations.

Don’t Conclude Right Away

Given all that, you shouldn’t come to a conclusion right away. As a caring parent, you should try to get feedback from other parents. This may be hard to do. But with Sittercity, it’s easy.

With Sittercity, you can easily get feedback from the other parents. As a Sittercity member, you have access to all the reviews posted by other parents. Again, this is a valuable service you can’t do without. You want to find the perfect babysitter, right? This valuable service feature will really help you a lot.

There are other things you should consider. But these are the major elements that you should factor into your search. Finding the perfect babysitter can be tedious. It is a long road after all. But with Sittercity, you can do it.