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I don’t remember my mom ever struggling to find a babysitter when I was young. She knocked on a neighbor’s door to get someone to watch me. Looking back, it was that easy.

Well, it’s different now. I don’t even know my neighbors; let alone trust them to watch my little ones. There’s just no way I’m finding a babysitter that way. And I think a lot of moms feel the same way.

With more and more parents struggling to find the right babysitter, I decided to come up with this website. I have so much to share with you because I am one happy mom. I know where to find help when I need it.

Surely, you are interested with what I have to say. I’m excited to share them with you as well. But you must go over my terms and conditions first.

Products And Service Providers Featured

I feature products and service providers here because I believe in them. After trying them out; I have found them to be very helpful. So I figured, why not feature them here?  I may or may not receive any form of compensation for products and services that I feature on nbaso.com. Any form of compensation that I may get from ads or products featured on this site are used to pay for the cost of maintaining and keeping this site up and running.

Do Some Research First

I am not compelling you to accept everything I say here. If, for some reason, you feel motivated to give a featured product or service provider a try; you agree to do some research first. My happy experience with a featured product and service provider cannot guarantee your satisfaction. So please, do some research first to find out if the products or services will fit your specific needs.

Mommy Website

This is my very own mommy website and I just love it. Since it’s a mommy website, it’s pretty wholesome. And I want to keep it that way.

Help me keep it that way by refraining from using any kind of foul language here. So if you want to share a message with me or post a comment on my website, keep it wholesome. I will never allow any kind of profanity or obscenity here on my website. Statements that can offend and demean others are not allowed here. That just doesn’t fit into my mommy website.

Finding someone to care for our kids doesn’t have to drive us nuts. Well in my case, it doesn’t drive me nuts at all. If you want to know how I do it, stick around and you’ll find out

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